Surgeons remove tumour from fully-conscious man

Tom Kish  Picture: Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.
Tom Kish Picture: Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

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SURGEONS at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth have successfully removed a tumour from a patient’s neck while he was awake.

Tom Kish, 66, was given local anaesthetic for the three hour operation, during which he was able to talk to surgeons and tell them if he felt any pain in his nerves.

It is believe to be the first time a procedure of this kind has taken place in the UK.

Mr Kish of Eastney Road, Southsea, said: ‘It was all over so quickly and I didn’t feel any pain.

‘It was a bit strange being awake but I trusted them and knew I’d be ok.

‘It’s amazing they can do this kind of operation at QA.’

Two surgeons operated on Mr Kish . One was vascular surgeon Simon Payne.

He is one of a team of vascular surgeons - who remove and repair blood vessels - who health officials are considering moving from QA to Southampton General Hospital in a bid to centralise care in the region.