Test to see if QA vascular surgeons meet the criteria

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A CHECK to see if vascular surgeons at Queen Alexandra Hospital, fit the bill, is due to take place.

That, alongside clarifying the definition of what the term ‘network model’ means, is being sought by those deciding if specialist vein surgery work is carried out as it currently does at QA.

Earlier this month a private meeting was held between bosses and clinicians from Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT), which runs QA, and the Wessex Area Team.

Peter Mellor, director of corporate affairs and business development at PHT, said: ‘We had a long and very constructive meeting, where we explained our position and understanding of the Vascular Society requirements.

‘There was total agreement in some areas, about the definitions.

‘But there were a couple of areas where there was a total lack of understanding, we have agreed to look at the criteria more closely.

‘Both sides are committed to working together, and absolutely determined to continue to provide the best care for patients.

‘There was a lack of understanding on the definition of a network model, and still seek assurance about our vascular surgeons.

‘Wessex want to seek independent opinion and see if our surgeons fit the bill.’

The trust is now waiting for Wessex to action both points.

A spokesman for Wessex said: ‘We are working closely with PHT, to ensure patients continue to achieve high quality vascular services.

‘This is in the context of the latest national standards for further improving outcomes for patients needing vascular services.

‘As part of this work, there has been a useful meeting between clinicians and managers from the hospital trust and Wessex, to discuss some of the detail in the new standards and relevant clinical experts will be providing further advice to inform these discussions.’

Newly-formed commissioning body the Wessex Area Team believes Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs QA, does not meet the requirements, which say services must not be split over two sites.

At the moment, both Southampton and Portsmouth, carry out vascular surgery.