‘Thank you for saving my life’

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WITHOUT a doubt Matthew Tanner knows he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the ambulance workers and cardiac team who worked on his heart to bring him back to life.

The 43-year-old suffered several cardiac arrests and a heart attack in his home in London Road, North End, Portsmouth.

L-R Karl Touhey, Kelly Tanner, Matthew Tanner, Lewis Meale and Mat Purssey''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150489-5)

L-R Karl Touhey, Kelly Tanner, Matthew Tanner, Lewis Meale and Mat Purssey''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150489-5)

His wife Kelly, 42, carried out CPR, until ambulance crews arrived and took over.

He was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital where heart specialists carried on the work of the ambulance service.

Today, as The News launches its Best of Health Awards 2015, Matthew has nominated the dedicated teams that saved his life.

Matthew, dad to Izabella, six, and Ellie, five, said: ‘When I came round they were calling me the miracle man.

‘My wife said the paramedics gave me CPR and used the defibrillator on me and that saved my life.

‘The care I then got at QA and the cardiac rehabilitation team has helped save my life.

‘They are the people who have kept me alive and I cannot thank them enough.

‘I have nominated them for the Best of Health Awards to say thank you.’

Julie Dennett is manager of the 
cardiac rehabilitation team at QA, which has been working with Matthew to recover with exercise and education programme.

The team has been put forward for Hospital Team of the Year, and the ambulance workers in our new category Allied Health Professionals Team/Worker of the Year award.

Julie said: ‘I feel extremely proud and honoured for this nomination.

‘For my team it’s great recognition of the work we do and it’s great to see Matthew make such an excellent recovery.’

South Central Ambulance Service 
and private provider ERS Medical went to Matthew at his home in January.

Mat Purssey, paramedic clinical mentor for Scas, said: ‘It feels great to be nominated.

‘It’s great to be recognised for our work, especially when there can be bad press.’

*See page 31 of The News today for The News Best of Health Awards nomination form