‘The PM’s apology over blood is just lip service’

'WHITEWASH' Alan Vickers with his wife Sally who got hep C from contaminated blood
'WHITEWASH' Alan Vickers with his wife Sally who got hep C from contaminated blood
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VICTIMS affected by the NHS contaminated blood scandal have blasted a £12m report and the prime minister’s apology.

Thousands of people were infected with hepatitis C and HIV through NHS blood product transfusions in the 1970s and 80s.

Prime minister David Cameron

Prime minister David Cameron

But it was only 30 years after transfusions that many people started showing signs of illness.

The £12m Penrose Inquiry was set up by the Scottish government six years ago to investigate the matter.

But the inquiry concluded few matters could have been done differently and made only one recommendation – that anyone in Scotland who had a blood transfusion before 1991 should be tested for hepatitis C if they have not done so.

During prime minister’s question time yesterday, David Cameron said: ‘To each and every one of these people I would like to say sorry on behalf of the government for something that should not have happened.’

Sally Vickers, 53, of Railway View, Landport, had a transfusion aged 14, but only found out 30 years later that tainted blood meant she has hepatitis C.

She said: ‘It’s a total whitewash and a waste of millions of pounds, the report has said nothing. I don’t think Mr Cameron should have apologised during question time, but at least we finally have an apology.

‘If they didn’t think anything wrong had happened then they wouldn’t be apologising.’

Jackie Britton, 52, of Portchester, had a blood transfusion 32 years ago, during childbirth.

She was diagnosed with hepatitis C in June 2011 and it was due to contaminated blood.

She said: ‘I feel totally let down and Mr Cameron’s apology is just lip service.

‘He should be apologising properly outside Downing Street with a proper statement.

‘I can’t believe after all that money only one recommendation was given – what about people elsewhere in the country?

‘I’m just devastated by the report.’

Mr Cameron confirmed the government would provide up to £25m in 2015/16 to victim support payments.

The Department of Health said that it does not have any plans to start an England inquiry.