Thousands of women not been screened

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THOUSANDS of women have not been screened for preventable cervical cancer.

Figures released by NHS England show 53,328 women are eligible for cervical screening in Portsmouth but 15,919 have not been screened in the right time frame.

Cervical cancer can be prevented if it is detected in time, the health service said.

Now a woman whose grandmother died from cervical cancer is warning people to get tested.

Sarah Snowdon, 40, said: ‘Changes don’t always mean you have cancer and the early checks are the best way of ensuring you are safe.

‘I know that the test is a bit embarrassing but the staff are always very discreet.

‘Not having the screening could result in much more invasive treatment for cancer and, frankly I would rather have the tests and keep safe than literally dying of embarrassment.’

Sarah is from the Meon Valley but was treated in Portsmouth.

She went to get the test and it showed some changes requiring more frequent screening.

After normal results came back medics found pre-cancerous changes.

But after six months and a referral to the colposcopy unit she was given the all clear.