Tips on how to stay safe at fireworks and bonfire nights

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VOLUNTEERS from St John Ambulance will be at bonfires and fireworks displays to give first aid.

Havant Borough Council’s display in Stockheath Common on Wednesday, November 5, is expected to see 8,000 people, and the Purbrook Junior School’s firework display on Saturday, November 8 is expecting 500. Both events will have St John Ambulance volunteers to help.

But there are many private parties, where trained volunteers won’t be there to help, so the charity is offering advice.

James Fitzgerald, south east events manager, said: ‘St John Ambulance is keen that people enjoy Bonfire Night, but don’t end their celebrations in hospital.

‘Research suggests that fewer than one in five of us knows even basic first aid, yet these are simple skills to learn which can have an incredible impact.

‘For example, if someone suffers a burn injury, it’s important to take immediate action to prevent them from going into shock or suffering long-term damage.’

The most common injuries that volunteers are required to treat 
at Bonfire Night gatherings are burns from fireworks, fires or sparklers, debris in the eye from bonfires and fireworks, smoke inhalation and scalds from hot drinks.

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