Tips to stay warm this winter and help others

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WITH cold weather expected for the rest of the week, people are being reminded to look after vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours.

Councillor Liz Fairhurst, in charge of adult social care and public health for Hampshire County Council, said: ‘With some of the coldest weather we’ve seen so far this winter, it’s really important everyone is aware of the effects the cold can have on their health.

‘While some groups are particularly vulnerable, and we would ask for everyone’s support in looking after them, being aware of the simple steps you can take to keep warm is really important.’

Tips include:

- Heat your home to at least 18C, particularly for people aged 65 years and over or with pre-existing medical conditions. Above this and you may waste money; below this you may risk your health. This will keep your home warm and may lower your bills.

- Draw your curtains at dusk to help keep heat generated inside your rooms.

- Make sure your radiators are not obstructed.