Toddlers to get nasal spray to prevent flu

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CHILDREN aged two and three can get vaccinated against flu through a nasal spray.

Doctors across Hampshire are urging people to protect themselves against the winter virus that can lead to serious health complications.

The NHS seasonal flu jab programme starts in autumn.

This year, all children aged two and three will also be offered the vaccination by nasal spray.

GPs from clinical commissioning groups – which plan and buy healthcare for their patients – are encouraging all people in the ‘at risk’ groups to make an appointment to have their flu vaccination from October, when GP practices start their annual flu clinics.

People are more at risk of complications from flu if they are:

n Aged 65 years or older.

n Pregnant.

n Children and adults with an underlying health condition (particularly long-term heart or respiratory disease).

n Children and adults with weakened immune systems.