Tony’s proposal makes fundraiser one to remember

BIG MOMENT Tony Dyer proposing to his girlfriend Sophie Bray. Picture: Allan Hutchings (150698-026)
BIG MOMENT Tony Dyer proposing to his girlfriend Sophie Bray. Picture: Allan Hutchings (150698-026)
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WHEN her boyfriend walked over she thought he was going to ask for a dance.

But at a charity fundraiser for Tony Dyer, he surprised his now fiancee Sophie Bray by asking for her hand in marriage.

Tony has cystic fibrosis and needs a double lung transplant.

His best friend Emma Nye, from Havant, along with Lucy Heard, organised a fundraising night to raise money for his family so they can use it to help pay for hotel and travel costs to London when he next gets the call that a transplant may be on the horizon.

But Tony had a surprise of his own when he proposed to Sophie, 23.

She said: ‘I was completely shocked and didn’t think a proposal was on the cards until after the transplant.

‘There was a slideshow on his life and at the end of that he came over 
– I thought he was going to dance with me.

‘It was only when he got down on one knee that I realised what was happening – of course I said yes.

‘The whole night was amazing and so overwhelming.’

The couple will arrange their wedding after Tony has his transplant.

He said: ‘To be able to propose on such an important night in front of all my friends and family and those who supported me was just amazing.

‘The fundraiser was a great success and was very overwhelming.

‘Emma and Lucy did such a fantastic job and I owe them for making it a night to remember.’

The fundraiser took place at The Irish Club in Elm Grove, Southsea, where many activities took place including a charity leg wax.

The night has so far raised £6,000, and some of the money will be donated to the two hospitals Tony visits as well as his recovery after the transplant.

Emma said: ‘I can’t thank those who were involved and who donated enough and will be eternally grateful for them making the night such a success.

‘This isn’t the end, we are working on organ donation and cystic fibrosis awareness.’

Tony, 31, from Fratton, was born with cystic fibrosis – a condition that causes the lungs and digestive system to become clogged with thick sticky mucus.

So far he has made three trips to Harefield Hospital, in London as doctors thought they had found a match.

But each time the transplant has not happened and until the next call he is hooked up to a respirator at Southampton General Hospital for most of the week.

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