Top Portsmouth doctor urges people to stub out smoking

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A LEADING doctor in Portsmouth is backing a campaign to encourage smokers to quit.

Dr Jim Hogan, is the chief clinical officer for the Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and is supporting the Stoptober initiative, which urges smokers to give up their habit throughout October.

Dr Hogan said: ‘In partnership with Portsmouth City Council, the CCG fully supports Stoptober. It could save lives.

‘Stopping smoking is without question one of the most important ways that you can drastically improve the quality of your life – and increase the length of your life.

‘Every time you light up you increase your risk to dozens of health conditions – some of which can kill, but most of which can cause irreversible long-term damage to your health.

‘We have a gap in health equalities in Portsmouth – a situation where men in deprived areas live on average eight or nine years less than those in the more affluent areas. Smoking is a major cause of this.

‘There is a lot of professional healthcare support available to people who are trying to kick the habit.’