Tour to say thank you for charity donations

Sarah Mace, 28, left, with her sister Anne, 29

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SUPPORTERS who raised more than £23,000 for a brain tumour charity were given the chance to tour research facilities in Portsmouth.

Representatives from a range of different charities, which included Clowns in the Sky, The Danny Green Fund, and The Thorne Mason Trust, who along with other charities raised money, were shown around the laboratories at the University of Portsmouth.

The tour was lead by Professor Geoff Pilkington, who gave the group and insight into the work being carried out by the team.

He said: ‘We’re examining tumour cell invasion into healthy brain tissue.

‘And we are looking at effective drug delivery into the brain and the genetic requirements for improved personalised medicine, including specific treatments for childhood brain tumours.

‘We aim that this work will improve survival rates and quality of life for patients, eventually leading to a cure.’

Numerous tiles were placed on the Wall of Hope at end of the tour to mark the fundraising achievements to date.