Trust breaks world screening record

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A MASS screening exercise to test for chlamydia has set a new world record.

In just 24 hours, 760 young people were tested for the sexually transmitted infection, throughout various locations, including two in Portsmouth, as reported in yesterday’s News.

Solent NHS Trust, which hosted the event as a way to get people more aware of good sexual health practices, needed to screen more than 500 people to take the title.

Trust chief executive Ros Tolcher said: ‘We tested nearly 800 people for chlamydia and one in 14 of them is likely to have the sexually-transmitted infection. Alongside setting a Guinness World Record, we are proud to have played a role in ensuring so many young people will know more about chlamydia and will receive treatment quickly, effectively and free.’

People need to do is provide a urine sample and there is no need to be examined.

If found, the infection is treatable with a course of antibiotics.

People who want to get tested can request a free testing kit by texting CALM to 6677.

For more information, call 0300 300 2016, or visit