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OLD bangers can be turned into cash to help a diabetes charity.

Diabetes UK has joined up with not-for-profit firm Giveacar to encourage people to turn their old, scrapyard-ready cars into much-needed funds for charity.

The scheme works through Giveacar collecting unwanted cars from anywhere in Portsmouth and Hampshire, and turning them into cash from scrap.

The cars are collected free of charge, regardless of their condition, and then sold through an online auction.

Profits are then donated to Diabetes UK.

Even cars that are scrapped can fetch between £40 and £160.

Ann Little, fundraising manager for the south east region, said: ‘An old rusty car sitting on the drive can be a complete eyesore, as well as taking up space.

‘This scheme can turn a pile of rusty scrap metal into much-needed funds for Diabetes UK.

‘The Giveacar scheme offers a quick and easy solution to getting rid of your old car, that’s also completely legal and environmentally friendly.’

Visit giveacar.co.uk/.