TV star Peter Andre impressed with Portsmouth’s QA

ON CAMERA Peter Andre talks to Scas team leader paramedic Lewis Meale at QA Hospital. Picture: Malcolm Wells (132506-1583)
ON CAMERA Peter Andre talks to Scas team leader paramedic Lewis Meale at QA Hospital. Picture: Malcolm Wells (132506-1583)
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THERE’S an air of celebrity excitement at Queen Alexandra Hospital, as TV host Peter Andre is getting behind-the-scenes access.

All week, ITV’s This Morning is broadcasting live from the Cosham hospital.

The feature, called Health Alert Live, celebrates the NHS’s 65th birthday – and to celebrate QA has been showing what it’s got.

Peter said: ‘It is an incredible thing for me to see doctors and staff at this hospital, and how hard they work.

‘We hope this programme will show what goes on at such a major hospital, and I have to say I have been impressed with what I’ve seen here.’

So far Peter has visited the maternity department, renal centre, and spoken to the Alcohol Nurse Specialist Team.

Crowds of fans have been swamping the corridors of QA to catch a glimpse of the star, who has also been talking to patients.

He said: ‘I met someone who suffers from alcohol abuse, but he’s doing really well now.

‘He said he was drinking 15 litres of alcohol a day – I struggle to drink two litres of water – and he never thought he would survive it.

‘But we hope his story will give others hope that you can get help.

‘Also, I didn’t know, but at this hospital people can have a kidney transplant without being a blood match.

‘This just shows how amazing the NHS is.’

As reported, QA’s renal department is one of only a handful of centres that offers the ABO incompatible transplantation (ABOi).

ABOi involves removing antibodies from plasma, and replacing them with harmless proteins and fluid.

Renal consultant surgeon Paul Gibbs said: ‘His visit is the buzz of the hospital.

‘It’s great for the staff to get national recognition, and that we’re doing great work to justify an international star to visit us.

‘This is very positive from our perspective.’

The rest of the week will see Peter visit the A&E department, talk to bariatric patients and the paediatric department.