U-turn on payout for asbestos victims

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PEOPLE diagnosed with a lung condition from wrongful exposure to asbestos can finally get full compensation following a government U-turn.

Those with mesothelioma, who cannot trace their former employer’s insurance are now eligible for 100 per cent of their court settlement, instead of 80 per cent.

The change will only apply to people diagnosed with the condition from this month – rather than be backdated for those who have already received compensation.

The Portsmouth area is a known hotspot for the condition after dockyard workers were exposed to asbestos.

Hampshire’s Moore Blatch asbestos–related disease lawyer Michael Osborne said: ‘Mesothelioma is a devastating illness with a huge impact on the sufferer and their families – it’s only right that those affected be given maximum compensation.’

The law firm also wants the scheme further extended as at the moment only those diagnosed after July, 25, 2012, are eligible.