Vaccination warning is issued by health boss

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HEALTH bosses are warning parents to make sure their children are vaccinated against the flu before the winter flu season begins.

It comes as figures revealed scores of two to four-year-olds in the area were last year left unprotected from the serious effects of the winter illness.

Chief medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, said: ‘Any child can catch flu, thousands do every year and some end up in hospital as a result. Parents should not be complacent – the single most effective way to protect your children against flu this winter is to get them vaccinated with the simple nasal spray.

‘Children can be super spreaders so getting them vaccinated not only protects them but also those around them.’

For the first time this year children in school Year 4, along with those from reception to Year 3, can get their free flu vaccination, in the form of a nasal spray, at school.

Parents are being urged to check with schools and their GPs about vaccinations.