Vaping vouchers from Hampshire’s Quit4Life service

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PEOPLE wanting to give up smoking can get support through a new programme.

Quit4Life, the NHS stop smoking service in Gosport, Havant and Fareham, will be offering support to people looking to quit the habit by taking up e-cigarettes.

They will be offering a new voucher scheme for those who choose to give up tobacco through vaping.

Smokers who receive support from Quit4Life can exchange their £25 voucher for a vaping starter kit, when they are ready to give up cigarettes.

Julia Robson, clinical service manager of Quit4Life, said: ‘We are excited to support Public Health England in their message to embrace quitting smoking through e-cigarettes.

‘As shown in the Stoptober messages, e-cigarettes can be extremely effective as a means to giving up smoking, especially when combined with additional support from a stop smoking service.

‘This cost-effective and popular way to switch from smoking cigarettes has already helped many smokers to quit tobacco.

‘Quit4Life aim to support as many people as possible who would like to improve both their health and wealth by quitting smoking, either with a vape or more traditional medication.’

Quit4Life was one of the first stop smoking services in the UK to be vaping and e-cigarette friendly.

The current advice by health experts is that, although not completely risk-free, vaping carries a fraction of the harm of smoking tobacco.

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