Vascular plans are a ‘live project’ for the NHS

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THE trust that pays for vascular services along the south coast has said it will give updates on various stages of the plans.

The response from the Wessex Team Area comes after MP Mike Hancock wrote to the trust to express anger in delays and urge it to drop plans to move specialist vein surgeons from Portsmouth to Southampton.

A spokesman for Wessex said: ‘We’re working with colleagues at both Portsmouth and Southampton hospitals to secure a sustainable, high-quality vascular surgery network in southern Hampshire.

‘This is very much a live project and we expect to be able to provide more information relating to how this service will be provided shortly, once the detailed clinical and operational elements have been fully designed and evaluated.

‘We will continue to update patients, stakeholders and local scrutiny committees of the progress being made.

‘This project work will continue until the end of March 2015, and will be subject to further evaluation and scrutiny prior to any further decisions being taken.’

At the moment specialist surgeons work in Queen Alexandra Hospital and Southampton General Hospital.

One proposal is for the two sites to work in a network, and a second is for the majority of work to be transferred to Southampton.

A business case for both plans is due in March.