Video: Dying mum from Portsmouth says ‘thank you’ to #ClaresDisneyDream supporters

  • Donations pour in to help make terminally-ill mum’s dream come true
  • Clare Baillie will be able to take her family to Disney World
  • Family thanks everyone for their support
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THANK you.

That’s the simple and heartfelt message from a terminally-ill mum after a massive fundraising campaign has helped make her dream of taking her family to Disney World come true.

Scores of people donated money to #ClaresDisneyDream to help pay for Clare Baillie, 37, to visit the Florida theme park before cancer claims her life.

Clare, of Baffins, said she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the support people had shown for the appeal, which was set up by her friends so she could make memories her four children will treasure forever.

‘Thank you,’ Clare said. ‘That doesn’t seem like enough but there’s really nothing more I can say.

‘It’s hard to put into words how it makes you feel.

Clare Baillie with her children Lucy, 16, Evie-Mae, three, and Albie, seven, and husband Kane Picture: Paul Jacobs (151031-8)

Clare Baillie with her children Lucy, 16, Evie-Mae, three, and Albie, seven, and husband Kane Picture: Paul Jacobs (151031-8)

‘I wish people wouldn’t say things like “sorry I can’t give more”.

‘The fact that they have given something is amazing.’

Since The News announced the fundraising campaign on Saturday, more than £3,400 has been donated by more than 100 people, and a couple of big pledges and donations have helped to push the total up to the £10,000 the Baillies originally estimated they would need for the trip.

Portsmouth-based charity Football for Cancer has sent the family a cheque for £5,000, and film star and former footballer Vinnie Jones has pledged to put another $5,000 (about £3,200) towards the holiday.

The fact that they have given something is amazing

Clare Baillie

Kane, 27, said: There’s been an immense amount of money put in.

‘As it stands it will pay for the trip.

‘There have been some very generous donations and we didn’t expect that for one minute.’

Clare was diagnosed with colon cancer three years ago.

The cancer has now spread to other parts of her body, and doctors say there are multiple tumours in her lungs that are inoperable.

Although they have not been able to give her an estimate of how long she has left, Clare said the latest news about the spread of the disease had given her ‘a sense of urgency’.

Clare said she hoped the trip to Disney World could be done soon after September, and that it would be ‘trip of a lifetime’ for her children Ryan, 18, Lucy, 16, Albie, seven, and Evie-Mae, three.

‘I want to see the smiles on their faces,’ she said.

Kane said there was still a lot of planning to do and said Clare’s travel insurance alone would cost £2,500.

Donations can still be made on the JustGiving page set up for Clare.

People can also show their support on Twitter using #ClaresDisneyDream.

Message of love and support from mum’s many fans

DONATIONS came in thick and fast after #ClaresDisneyDream was announced in The News on Saturday.

Many people helped to pay for the trip via a webpage, often annonomously, and almost always with message of support that Claire Baillie said had touched her heart.

Among them was Linda Sear, who said: ‘You are a very brave lady - I do hope you get your dream trip to Disney’.

Another donation came from Diane and Brian Daley, who wrote: ‘Have a lovely time with your dear family making special memories xx.’

Another message from the McCarthy family said: ‘Stay strong dear Clare and enjoy your trip to Disneyland.’