Warning over alcohol and cocaine

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A TOP Hampshire health official is highlighting the dangers of mixing alcohol with cocaine.

Dr Andrew Mortimore is warning people that drinking while taking the class A drug poses significant health risks.

Taking cocaine increases the heart rate by an average 12 beats per minute.

But when alcohol is added it creates a new drug called cocaethylene which sends the heart rate soaring by 22 beats per minute and puts a huge strain on the heart.

Dr Mortimore, director of public health for Southampton, said: ‘I understand that most people using cocaine are oblivious of the increased risks presented when mixed with alcohol.

‘Therefore we want to bring this to everyone’s attention, so that people are fully aware of the very serious risks involved in this combination of drugs.

‘I would urge everyone to stay safe and have a happy and healthy new year.’

For more information visit drinkingwithcharlie.co.uk