West Leigh family wants play equipment for blind son

HELPING HANDS Emma Wood and her partner Simon Bolton with their son Jack Bolton. Picture: Sarah Standing (131475-6736)
HELPING HANDS Emma Wood and her partner Simon Bolton with their son Jack Bolton. Picture: Sarah Standing (131475-6736)
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THE family of a little boy born with a condition that has left him blind are hoping to raise more than £3,500 for special play equipment.

Jack Bolton was born with cataracts in his eyes and, even though he has had the cataracts removed, he is unable to see.

He also has kidney and development problems, which doctors believe are down to a rare genetic condition called Lowe Syndrome.

Mum Emma Wood and dad Simon Bolton are fundraising for sensory play equipment after seeing Jack’s face light up when he was able to use it in hospital.

Emma, of Millbrook Drive, West Leigh, said: ‘Jack had a lot of problems when he was born through emergency caesarean section. He spent six hours in the special care unit. That was the first indication something was wrong.’

In the first few weeks he was in and out of hospital. But it was not until a check-up at two months that Emma’s GP realised Jack had no reflection in his eyes and he was rushed to hospital.

She said: ‘The first eight weeks were pretty traumatic. When he was three months old he had to have the cataracts on the lenses in his eyes removed at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

‘All he can see is shadows and the doctors think his vision will never improve. At times he has been very poorly.’

Although Jack has been given lots of toys to play with he is unable to use them because he can’t see them.

‘We want to get him special toys that will actually benefit him,’ said Emma, 29.

‘When he was in hospital one of the nurses brought in a beautiful mobile bubble machine with fibre optics and Jack turned straight away and grabbed at it. There was something in there that he could see. He lay on his tummy and played with it. His face sort of said “wow”.’

So far they have had donations of £600. Jack’s uncle Richard Wood has dyed his hair pink and the family have held a barbecue to raise money for the machine.

To contribute deposit money into the Natwest account 535033 53096339 in the name of Miss E Wood and Mr J Bolton.

Alternatively go to Jack’s Future on Facebook.