West Sussex hospital to star in new eight-part TV series

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MILLIONS of TV viewers will soon have the chance to see what happens in the NHS during a typical 24 hours – with a Chichester hospital playing a starring role.

On Tuesday, the first in an eight-part BBC2 series called Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS In A Day, will begin at 9pm.

The series was filmed by 100 camera crews across the length and breadth of the country, and one of the featured stories in the first episode concerns a patient at St Richard’s Hospital.

It follows the story of patient Lynn Huartson, who travelled from Kent to Chichester to have weight-loss surgery.

However during her procedure, her consultant surgeon Mr Chris Pring realised something was wrong.

He had discovered a large growth, and realised he had to stop the operation because Mrs Huartson might have cancer.

Mr Pring said: ‘I have performed hundreds of operations, but nothing like that had ever happened before.

‘For it to happen on the very day we were being filmed was unbelievable.

‘Lynn had come to us, ready to change her life for the better – instead I was going to have to tell her that she might be gravely ill.

‘None of this could have been foreseen, but actually the programme will be showing a great example of how the NHS works – we had accepted Lynn into our care, and we were going to offer her the best support we possibly could, no matter what happened.’