What to do if you suffer a burn while at a fireworks display

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ADVICE on how to treat burns from firework displays or bonfires is being given out by an ambulance charity.

St John Ambulance is reminding people to take extra care when attending or organising a fireworks display.

It says one of the most common injuries sustained on Guy Fawkes Night are burns.

Here is what you should do to treat burns:

Hold the affected area under cold water for at least 10 minutes to cool down the burn and help prevent scarring.

Burns covering an area larger than the palm of the casualty’s hand should be seen by a medical professional, such as a doctor.

Major burns should be treated with water and in most cases an ambulance will need to be called.

Burns must never be treated with lotions, ointments or creams and adhesive dressings must not be applied.

To avoid infection the wound can be covered with any non-fluffy material such as cloth, a clean plastic bag or cling film.

St John Ambulance regional director Mark Farmer said: ‘Bonfire Night can be so much fun for people of all ages, but can so easily be spoiled by injuries.

‘It’s useful for everyone to know some basic first aid so if an accident does happen you will be prepared, or visit the first aiders if you’re at a public event.’