When summer is over, keep up healthy living

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FAMILIES are being encouraged to take up a healthy lifestyle challenge to mark the new school year.

Hampshire County Council is urging people to sign up to the Smart Restart campaign, which would see families taking up a six-week commitment to keeping active.

There are five challenges to choose from: swapping car journeys for walking or cycling; doing six ten-minute activities a day; swapping time in front of computer screens for something active; swapping unhealthy treats for healthy alternatives; and trying out new ideas for tasty school lunches.

Councillor Liz Fairhurst is the county councillor in charge of health.

She said: ‘By the end of summer, we can all tend to slack off a bit and it’s easy to let good intentions slide.

‘But the new school year is the perfect time for a new beginning and for the whole family to get fit and healthy together.

‘This is a great opportunity for families to sign up for the campaign and pick one healthy change for them to adopt when they go back to school.’

For more information about the six-week programme, visit nhs.uk/change4life.