Women march in capital for PIP implant removal

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AROUND 60 women marched to Harley Street on Saturday calling for private clinics to replace PIP breast implants for free.

They met in London with placards which read Toxic Time Bombs and Health Before Wealth.

Their first target was The Harley Medical Group, which fitted the implants in almost 14,000 British women, and has said it will not replace them free of charge.

The firm fitted more of the implants than any other UK cosmetic surgery firm but claims replacing the banned implants would put it out of business.

Among the group of protesters was Stacey Williams from Portsmouth.

The 25-year-old complained that clinics which have gone into liquidation since fitting the implants and reopened under a different name are offering no support.

‘They say because they are a different company we aren’t covered any more,’ she said.

The demonstration, which was organised on Facebook, then went to the office of Transform on nearby New Cavendish Street, which has also said it will not replace the implants free of charge.

Meanwhile the government ran a national advertising campaign this weekend advising women what to do if they have the implants.

The advice reiterates the government’s view that there is no evidence to support routine removal of the implants unless women have symptoms such as pain or tenderness.