Women need to share womb cancer stories

Kelly Dubock
Kelly Dubock
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IT’S something that can cause women embarrassment, but ignoring it could cost you your life.

That’s the message from Kelly Dubock, 40, who was diagnosed with womb cancer earlier this year.

She shares her story in Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month to reach out to more women and ensure they get checked.

Kelly, of Stirling Street, North End, said: ‘Towards the end of last year I was getting irregular bleeding and this was lasting between 10 to 12 days.

‘It was completely unusual, but like most women I thought it would resolve itself.

‘But after a few months it wasn’t going away and I went to my GP, who sent me off for a scan.’

The scan found Kelly’s womb lining was thicker than usual and she had a biopsy in March this year.

She added: ‘At this point I started to get a bit more worried and it was more real that there could be something wrong.

‘April 17 is a date I will never forget in my life as I was told I had endometrial cancer.

‘I was shocked by it and couldn’t quite believe it, but the cancer nurse specialist was brilliant.’

Endometrial cancer – or cancer of the womb – usually begins in the lining of the womb which is called the endometrium.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding is the most common symptom of womb cancer and can affect women of differing ages.

Women who suffer from irregular bleeding should speak to their GP.

It’s a message Kelly endorsed.

She said: ‘I have a 15-year-old and decided a while ago I didn’t want any more children, so for me a hysterectomy was the best option.

‘I was grateful I didn’t have to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

‘But I know for other women that might not be the best option as they want to have children.

‘My advice would be to get help as soon as you think something is wrong.

‘It’s so important women talk about something that is quite embarrassing. If you don’t then you could literally die of embarrassment.

‘There’s support out there for women.’

To find out more, visit eveappeal.org.uk