Work on £2m facelift for Fareham health centre is under way

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A £2m scheme to upgrade Fareham Health Centre should be finished by mid-November, NHS managers have said.

The major refurbishment of the 1960s centre in Osborn Road is on target for completion and on budget.

As a result, only one instead of two GP practices now uses the site – the Centre Practice run by Dr Eric Webster and partners. The other practice which was at the health centre – Dr Jordan and Partners – has now moved staff to the main building at the Highlands Medical Centre in Highlands Road.

Major features of the contract have included a new roof covering and replacement of the heating system, pipes and radiators.

James Bawn, head of development for the cluster primary care trusts (PCTs), said: ‘The contract should be completed on November 13, although that may not be the date some staff move into offices on the second floor.

‘We’re very pleased with how the work is going and we are very confident that patients and service users at the site will see considerable improvements around the building, though some will be a lot more obvious than others.’

There will also be new automatic door mechanisms, emergency lighting and electric power cables on the first floor, and internal redecoration and improvements to the reception desk to give disabled users better access.