Work underway to improve health service in Fareham

  • A meeting was held to discuss plans to improve health care in Fareham
  • It follows changes made to Gosport services to make health care more sustainable
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PLANS are under way to improve health care in Fareham and ensure it can cope in the future.

A meeting was held last month for health professionals from across the sector to discuss ways of moving forward with care.

This is a hugely exciting opportunity for us to make a significant difference to health services in Fareham

Nicky Adamson-Young

It comes as Gosport has been at the centre of pilots such as the same-day access service and GP practices partnering with NHS trusts such as Southern Health.

Some of the initiatives that could be introduced in Fareham are similar to those in Gosport. They fall under a service known as multi-speciality community providers.

More than 50 people went to the meeting including GPs, patient groups, practice managers and representatives from councils and the voluntary sector and mental health.

MCP general manager for Fareham Nicky Adamson-Young said: ‘This is the first step to connect partners together to agree the priorities that we wish to focus on in Fareham.

‘It was a fantastic start to exploring new models of care, to look at some of the issues, including what works well and the existing challenges and barriers.

‘Over the next six months, two working groups will be set up to look at the agreed priorities – one of which, with Fareham’s expanding elderly population, will include care for the frail. The other will have a wider portfolio.’

She added: ‘This is a hugely exciting opportunity for us to make a significant difference to health services in Fareham and provide patients with the right care, at the right time, in the right place.’

Representatives who attended the meeting were told that healthcare provision needed to change to ensure its long-term sustainability and provide improved services.

At workshop sessions, they shared ideas and knowledge during what was a first phase to ‘innovate and shape local services for our patients’.

Three GPs in the Fareham area have been recruited as clinical leads for the project – doctors Emma Nash, from Portchester, Tom Bertram, from Titchfield, and Mark Saville from Whiteley.

Fareham MP Suella Fernandes said: ‘This is a positive step for improving heathcare in Fareham. Access to GPs is a long-standing problem and better links to social care are essential.

‘I welcome these discussions and look forward to working with the CCG.’