Hearing loss cannot hold Jordan back

Jordan Donovan at Havant Academy ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (150820-1063)
Jordan Donovan at Havant Academy ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (150820-1063)
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STUDYING for GCSEs is tough going at the best of times.

But it was even more difficult for Jordan Donovan, of Havant Academy.

The 16-year-old is extremely hard of hearing – but refused to wear a hearing aid.

It meant he struggled in class and relied on lipreading to get by. That in turn led to anxiety and he feared he would not pass his exams.

But those fears were unfounded as he discovered yesterday that he had achieved a dozen A to Cs, getting top grades in English, maths and science.

Jordan, of Kilmeston Close, Leigh Park, said: ‘I’m still shell-shocked. I didn’t think I would do that well.

‘I was really worried about getting my results.

‘I feel so happy, but most of all I’m relieved.

‘My mum nagged me quite a bit which made me work hard.

‘I’m glad she nagged me now because it was worth it.’

Mum Nikki said she was shocked that Jordan had done so well in light of the problems he has had.

She said: ‘He has had a lot of help from Havant Academy – they have been with us all the way through.

‘I’m really proud of him. I woke up this morning thinking “what will be will be”. And his results are amazing.’

Jordan will study sports science at South Downs College, Waterlooville.