Helicopter keeps flying thanks to £4,000 charity donation

VITAL Air ambulance
VITAL Air ambulance
David Cotton. Picture: Sussex Police

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FREEMASONS have donated £4,000 to a vital rescue service which relies on charity to keep running.

The masons from Hampshire and Isle of Wight gave the cash to the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.

The organisation regularly gives cash to the charity as part of its ‘grand charity.’

Mike Wilks is the head of the Freemasons in the area

He said: ‘We are delighted to be able to support Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance once again.

‘I was very pleased to present a cheque on behalf of the Freemasons’ grand charity, which is one of the services corporate sponsors.

‘Charitable giving is central to Freemasonry and Hampshire and Isle of Wight Freemasons are especially happy to support organisations that help to save lives and provide support to people in emergency situations.

‘As a keen motorcyclist, I am well aware of the importance of this particular emergency service which is entirely self- funding and relies on charitable donations for its very existence.’

Freemasons across the country have donated £1.3m in total to 22 units since 2007.

And this year they will be giving regional rescue services cheques for £192,000.

The cash donations means that doctors and paramedics can reach patients in quickly to help save lives.

For more on the helicopter, which is based at Thruxton Airfield, and the service, please visit hiow-airambulance.org.uk