Help make Portsmouth’s No 6 Cinema future secure

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A FUNDRAISING night for Portsmouth’s only independent cinema collected more than £2,000.

No 6 Cinema, based in the historic dockyard, held an evening full of chocolate and red wine in celebration of the film Romantics Anonymous.

It was so successful that a second fundraising night is planned on January 14, showing Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which captures the oldest known pictorial creations of humankind inside the Chauvet caves of Southern France.

The film will start at 7pm and the £10 entrance fee will include a glass of wine.

But it can only go ahead if enough interest is expressed to ensure the organisers can cover their costs.

If you are interested please email

An open meeting to discuss the future direction of No 6 is being held on Monday, January 9 at St Jude’s church, Southsea, at 7pm.

Founder Siri Finess said: ‘We would like to invite all No 6 supporters to an open forum and informal chat about the cinema.

‘We will be discussing fundraising ideas, what type of films people would like to see, opportunities for volunteering and any other ideas people feel that they would like to put forward.

‘We would love people to come along and have their say as to how things should evolve in the future.’

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