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ACCESS Andy Bundy brings up the question of access for disabled people in public places
ACCESS Andy Bundy brings up the question of access for disabled people in public places
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Andy Bundy, secretary of The Havant Area Disability Access Group, is looking for volunteers to help the charity in its work

I’ve been AWOL for a week, following a fall and a few bangs on my head.

Luckily my wife was there, and her 27 years of professional experience in the care profession came very much in handy.

How better to thank someone, than in print, so THANK YOU ANGIE!

Anyway it led me to an important question – help. As I travel around our community, generally the Borough of Havant, I often experience difficulties with doors, doorways, steps, car parks and every other aspect of building and service you can imagine.

So many people will comment ‘someone ought to do something about that.’

So where is the veritable army of local government inspectors, with their clipboards?

Simply put, either redundant or working commercially, so do not wish to pick too many holes, or lose a potential customer for the next job. Worse still, all the legal stuff is written as ‘guidance’ not requirement or legislation. It can, and quite frequently, be ignored or overlooked.

Once something is built, it cannot be unbuilt or rebuilt. Not on this planet, anyway.

So, if you’re disabled, and stuck with an access problem, you’re not going to call the A-Team (or even Ghostbusters) – we hope you’ll call us!

The Havant Area Disability Access Group has been around for a number of years.

Originally as an advisory group to the Council, and now, an independent registered charity of which I’m the secretary.

We hold twice-monthly open meetings, attend information events, support local people with access issues, and both lobby and work with local authorities to improve matters co-operatively. We’re now even starting to lobby at a national level through our local MP.

However, we cannot continue our work without your input. We don’t want money, but we’d like your help. No qualifications are required, nor is a disability.

Help can come in many forms, from erecting a gazebo to writing letters and documents, even maybe the occasional newspaper column!

There is no pay, but we are making better use of IT with help from Microsoft, regular members can get full online Office 365 with mailboxes, and options for massively subsidised software.

Email us through or you can write or get a message to us through Havant Borough Council.

I can’t resist asking ‘Who you gonna call?’