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THE charity that protects our wildlife is looking for new members to help keep its work going.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust carries out conservation work across the two counties.

But only just over one per cent of the population of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are members of the trust, while others in neighbouring counties have almost three per cent.

Julie Bythell, from the trust, said: ‘Does this mean that in Hampshire and the Island our communities don’t value nature?

‘We don’t think so.

‘We think we just need to get out there and tell people about our work and how appreciating and valuing nature can significantly improve people’s quality of life.

‘But as a charity, we can’t do it on our own, we need your help.’

You can help by becoming a member, or even signing someone up for membership as a gift.

There is an open day to find people to join the trust’s expanding recruiters team at the end of the month.

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