Here’s what inspectors found at QA that made them write a scathing report - dirty linen, patients being ignored while choking and medicine left out

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DURING its two inspections, the Care Quality Commission noted several incidents of care putting patients at risk.

They included clinical waste bags being left on the floor of wards, staff not responding to calls by patients and medicine trolleys left unlocked.

QA Hospital in Cosham

QA Hospital in Cosham

Also recorded during the inspections were...

* A patient being left to choke on food while two staff members stood nearby.

* A staff member in the acute medical unit standing next to a patient did not respond when they called for assistance and as a result, the patient was incontinent.

* Bins with sharp objects inside were left open or without lids.

* A member of staff removed gloves but did not wash their hands before delivering care to another patient.

* Bags with used linen in them were left open and stored next to clean linen.

* A full clinical waste bag and domestic waste bag was left on the floor at the entrance of a ward on the acute medical unit.

* A medicine trolley was found unlocked while two stocked medicine cabinets were also left unlocked.

* A computer screen displaying patient test results was left unlocked and on view in a corridor used by other patients and visitors.

* A female patient from a dementia ward was walking towards the ward exit in a short nightdress which did not preserve her dignity. The patient walked past two members of staff who were sitting at the nurses station, who did not attempt to help the patient.

* A staff member was observed clearly telling a patient the diagnosis and prognosis of another patient.