He's made it! Trainee journalist from Portsmouth appears on BBC TV quiz show

DURING the week, he is learning his craft in the world of journalism.

Friday, 16th November 2018, 4:42 pm
Updated Friday, 16th November 2018, 5:46 pm
Isaac Garg, 18 from Highbury College. Picture: Adam Nixon

But 18-year-old Highbury College student Isaac Garg has recently spent a week appearing on a BBC TV quiz show, Impossible.

Isaac is taking the NCTJ journalism course at Highbury College and does work experience here at The News.

He originally applied for the show for a bit of fun, and after a few phone interviews, was asked to appear as a contestant '“ and the youngest one of the week.

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Isaac said: '˜It was such a surreal experience, they flew me up to Glasgow to film the five episodes.

'˜It was a long two days to film all five episodes, but it was so worth it.'

The TV show, hosted by Rick Edwards, takes place over five days as 15 contestants battle it out to win a cash prize.

Unfortunately, Isaac didn't win the cash price of £10,000, but he gave it a good go, and was close to reaching the final on two occasions.

He added: '˜I think I did okay, obviously I would have loved to do better.

'˜I would love to go on more '“ Pointless or The Chase would be brilliant.'

On one question, Isaac was one of two people to get the question right out of 15 other players, which was the capital of Nigeria.

If you would like to see Isaac on Impossible, you can catch him on BBC iPlayer.


What was Isaac asked on the show?

Which city is the Nigerian capital - Abuja

What branch of medicine is associated with pregnancy and childbirth? - Obstetrics

Which British track and field athlete was a junior long jump champion? - Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Which word refers to Sheep? - Ovine

Which element has the chemical symbol K? - Potassium