High street survey shows Fareham could favour a People's Vote on Brexit

The Brexitometer was placed in West Street, Fareham on Saturday
The Brexitometer was placed in West Street, Fareham on Saturday

A SURVEY carried out in Fareham yesterday could indicate a change of heart on Brexit – two years after the borough voting to leave the European Union.

A group of campaigners backing a People’s Vote on Brexit carried out the survey in West Street on Saturday afternoon.

Led by Liberal Democrat Councillor Katrina Trott, the group asked shoppers a number of questions about the current state of Brexit, and whether the country should have a final vote on any negotiated deal.

Cllr Trott said: ‘There were some people who didn’t want to know, so I am quite prepared to see that it’s not 100 per cent representative of the people who went by – but we did have quite a high rate of engagement from people.

‘Most people, whether they voted to remain or leave the EU, seem to agree that Brexit isn’t going well and won’t be good for jobs.

‘I think it was important to raise the subject with Fareham shoppers and I’m glad it was a cross-party survey collecting a range of views.’

Back in 2016, 51 per cent of voters in Fareham opted to leave the European Union.

Cllr Trott said: ‘I think it would be a good idea to have a final vote, with one option being that we stay in the EU.

‘If people still want to leave then that’s fine – I am a firm believer in democracy – but we voted to leave without any idea what the final negotiations would look like.’