High street team spends half its budget as scheme ends

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A GROUP set up to boost a town centre has spent more than half of its £110,000 fund.

Gosport’s Town Team, set up in 2012, was given the pot of cash from the High Street Innovation Fund and since brought in a huge £230,000 of match-funding.

Now The News can reveal how its elected team has spent the £110,000 so far as it finishes up a scheme to fill five empty shops in the town.

Spending ranges from £195 on logo and branding guidelines to £24,406 on empty unit grants given to firms to move into the town.

The group also paid £4,730 for a website, £530 to cover the post office windows with pictures of Gosport sailor Alex Thomson and £968 on hospitality costs at meetings.

It spent £795 on events including Gosport’s Big Day Out and the Christmas lantern parade and £24,400 on funding a town centre support officer.

Some of the remaining money has already been earmarked for projects but not yet spent.

The team is now looking for two residents and someone from the community or voluntary sector to join the group. For more see gosport.gov.uk