Historic day's big broadcast

Victoria Park, Portsmouth. Credit: Google Street View

Victoria Park closed off for controlled explosion after Portsmouth police discover ‘suspicious object’

A DOZEN excited primary schoolchildren from Paulsgrove will be seeing themselves on the big screen in the heart of Portsmouth's city centre on Thursday.

Reception to year six pupils from the new Victory Primary School will join passers-by in watching two videos - one about their time capsule burial and a second on being presented with new football kit by HMS Victory's crew - on the huge screen in Guildhall Square.

The time capsule event last year was in honour of the successful amalgamation of Westfield Junior and Saxon Shore Infant schools in September.

Children buried objects including a DVD of a school production and a pupil of the year trophy so it could be dug out in 20 years' time by future generations of pupils, who can have a glimpse into the life of the school when it was first opened.

John Lacey, the school's network manager, said: 'The children are very excited about the opportunity to see themselves on the big screen and there is an air of anticipation about the event at school.'

Both clips will be shown at 1.30pm on January 20.