‘Hit-and-run driver could have killed our baby’

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A COUPLE have told of the moment their car was sent spinning into a ditch by a driver who fled the scene of an accident in which their 10-week-old daughter could have been killed.

Bethan Legg, 20, partner Colin Cross, 23, and daughter Rosie Legg were travelling back from Bedhampton after going shopping in Asda, to their home in London Road, Hilsea last Friday evening.

Bethan Legg and Colin Cross from Hilsea with their daughter Rosie Legg. '''Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (132736-1)

Bethan Legg and Colin Cross from Hilsea with their daughter Rosie Legg. '''Picture: Ian Hargreaves (132736-1)

As they were driving their Volkswagen Golf on the A27 they were hit by a Saab, sending their car spinning into a ditch.

Once they had all safely got out of the car, they went to approach the driver of the other car, but discovered that they had run away.

Bethan said: ‘We didn’t even see them. We just heard this bang.

‘Then we were spinning in circles. We didn’t have time to think.

‘I just remember looking up and seeing smoke.’

Bethan said she is fuming at the behaviour of the driver.

‘It upsets me the most that my 10-week-old daughter could have been killed,’ she added.

‘The car was only two days old as well.

‘I am angry at the fact that they crashed into our car and they didn’t have the guts to stay and see the damage that they had done.

‘It’s shocked us both.’

The car was hit on the right side – the same side that Rosie was sitting on. Her car seat was broken in the 

Colin was unable to open her door to get her out so Bethan had to climb into the back to safely carry her out.

Both Colin and Bethan suffered minor injuries including back and neck pain, while Rosie suffered from shock.

Bethan has had to take her daughter to hospital for a second time after she was sleeping a lot and wasn’t drinking a lot of her milk.

Colin, who was driving at the time, said: ‘I’m completely angry. My daughter was in the car, my fiancee was in the car.

‘And I only bought the car on Wednesday. I can buy another car but it’s £2,000 that I haven’t got.

‘For someone to run away from an accident is unreal.

‘They could have killed my family but they’ve just run off. It’s insulting.’

n A 36-year-old man from Portsmouth has been reported for summons for driving without due care and attention, failing to stop after a collision, and having no insurance.