HMS Collingwood trainer awarded highest honour

REWARDED Captain Andy Jordan hands First Class Officer Clint Matthews his Warrant Parchment.
REWARDED Captain Andy Jordan hands First Class Officer Clint Matthews his Warrant Parchment.
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A ROYAL Navy officer has been rewarded for his dedication to the service.

First Class Officer Clint Matthews, 39, from Gosport, stationed at HMS Collingwood in Fareham, has officially received his Warrant Parchment, which is the highest non-commissioned rank in the British Armed Forces.

Clint will be leaving behind his peers at Collingwood, where he was a big part of the work done at the maritime warfare school.

Affectionately known to his friends as Stan, Clint joined the Navy in 1994, working his way up the ranks.

Serving on several warships, Clint managed to travel the world, but admits that receiving his Warrant Parchment is the pinnacle of his career in the armed forces.

Clint said: ‘This is the pinnacle of any ratings career.

‘Advancement to the warrant officer cadre is both a privileged and much anticipated step and one that even today, 12 months into the position, I take with trepidation.’

Clint has achieved everything he has wished to in his career and looks back on his time in the Navy with fondness.

He cites his time on HMS Daring as his favourite deployment, during which he visited San Diego, Hawaii, Sydney, Singapore and the Maldives.

He said: ‘It was a great experience being deployed for nine months.

‘In that time we took part in the Royal Navy centenary celebrations in Sydney Harbour and provided humanitarian assistance to the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.’

Clint is currently the officer in charge of the communications training unit, in the weapon engineering training group.

He received his parchment at a special presentation, from HMS Collingwood’s Commanding Officer, Captain Andy Jordan.

‘Receiving my Warrant from Captain Jordan formally acknowledges my transition into this elite club.

‘I look forward to ensuring I maintain the high regard that current and past Warrant Officers are held in.’