HMS Queen Elizabeth sailors praised by Florida Uber driver for fixing her car

SELFLESS sailors from Portsmouth have been praised by a taxi driver in Florida for fixing her car - while on a trip back to their ship.

Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 6:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 7:03 pm
Uber driver Bonnie Ginter, 51, of Florida, who has thanked HMS Queen Elizabeth sailors who helped to repair her car

The trio from HMS Queen Elizabeth gave up their time and expertise to fix the headlight of Bonnie Ginter's 2007 Honda Fit after she realised the car's bulb had blown.

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Part-time Uber driver Mrs Ginter had been called to drive the three men back to HMS Queen Elizabeth after a stint on shore at Neptune Beach, near Jacksonville, on Monday evening.

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Uber driver Bonnie Ginter, 51, of Florida, who has thanked HMS Queen Elizabeth sailors who helped to repair her car

But spotting her bulb had blown, the 51-year-old feared she would have to call a premature end to her shift.

That's when her customers - who Mrs Ginter said claimed were from the aircraft carrier's marine engineering department - stepped up to help.

Describing them as '˜exceptionally kind and very respectful', she said: '˜I was amazed that they would consider taking the time to fix something for someone they didn't know at all.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is in America as part of her 11-week deployment. Photo: Royal Navy

'˜Honestly, I was very surprised, they were just so sweet to help me.'

The four went to the Auto Zone store to borrow equipment to replace the bulb with a spare Mrs Ginter had in her car.

Mrs Ginter said it '˜wasn't an easy task' as the front bumper was supposed to be removed to change the lights.

However, she said the '˜pretty skillful' sailors managed to fix the light without taking off the bumper.

She added: '˜In the dense humidity and heat, being pretty uncomfortable and sweating, yet without one complaint, they gave their time to help out a stranger and I will never forget their kindness.'

Mrs Ginter has since written to the Royal Navy in a bid to thank good samaritans for their actions.

Speaking to The News from Florida, Mrs Ginter - whose husband serves in the US Navy - said she even tried to waive the fare for the men but was unable to.

'˜I wanted to cancel the fare but it seems that you can't cancel it once the trip has been started,' she added. '˜It's funny because I never carry cash on me but the fare that I had right before them - British sailors - gave me a cash tip that was almost the same amount as their fare.

'˜So I tried to give that cash to the three that helped me and they wouldn't take it.  I wouldn't give up and finally made one of them take it - .he saw I wasn't going to quit so I think he took it just to shut me up.'

The news comes after six sailors from Queen Elizabeth were earlier arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Mrs Ginter, who previously drove a taxi on Mayport base for about 13 years, said she had met plenty of British sailors in that time and normally they were very well behaved.

She added: '˜They have always been just straight up good guys  in my opinion. I never had any problems with them at all.'