Holidaymaker from Gosport has lucky escape in freak car crash

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A HOLIDAYMAKER from Gosport had a lucky escape when two cars crashed sending one careering towards him as he sat outside a guesthouse.

Andrew Morgan was sitting eating breakfast and was just inches from being seriously hurt.

The car was only stopped by a concrete pillar outside the Raj Kirribilli guesthouse in Mount Wise, Newquay.

Raj Odera, who owns the guesthouse, told The News: ‘He’s a very lucky guy.

‘The pillar saved him. Had the pillar not been there, it could have been a different story.

‘He was very shocked – he’s still in shock today.

‘When I spoke to him, he said his life flashed before him. He didn’t know what to do.’

Mr Morgan was on a three-day trip to the resort, but Mr Odera said Mr Morgan did not want to speak further about the incident.

‘He’s had his bit of fame by being alive,’ he said.

Both drivers suffered fractured ribs in the crash.

Video credit: Kirribilli Guesthouse