Homeless Portsmouth drug addict who scalded his partner with hot chocolate drink after row in Commercial Road is jailed

A HOMELESS thug who scalded his partner after throwing a hot drink over her crotch before stamping on an innocent member of the public was sent to prison.

Drug addict Nathan Gordon, 33, became jealous after his girlfriend was given a hot chocolate – sparking a savage assault where a passer-by was left curled up in the foetal position as he was pummelled on the ground in Commercial Road last December.

Nathan Gordon

Nathan Gordon

As Gordon stood menacingly over his now former homeless partner, who he had been arguing with prior to the attack, a man walking past dared to question his actions before events erupted, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor James Kellam said: ‘The defendant’s partner at the time gave him money to go and score drugs. When he returned they ended up arguing all night.

‘When someone bought her a hot chocolate in the morning the defendant pulled the cup off her before throwing it all over her crotch area which left her scalded.

‘A man attempted to intervene, saying “you should not behave like that”. Mr Gordon then hit the man in the head, knocking him to the ground before stamping on his shoulder and face before kicking him on the ground as the man lay in the foetal position.’

Portsmouth Crown Court

Portsmouth Crown Court

Unfortunately for Gordon, who has previously committed 61 offences and been to court 33 times, lashing out meant he activated a suspended sentence for burglary – where he was given 12 weeks jail suspended for nine months in October last year.

The court also heard of previous offences for possessing offensive weapons where he had been sent to custody. He was also due to be sentenced for shoplifting crimes at the time of the attack.

Gordon was appearing in court for charges of assault by beating and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, which he admitted.

Defending, Rob Harding, said: ‘Gordon has an appalling record but the catalyst for the offending is his drug addiction which leads to homelessness. Tackling his addiction would stop his offending.’

But Mr Harding’s request for a drug rehabilitation requirement program fell on deaf ears after the defendant, who has heart failure, had failed to comply with one on a previous occasion.

Judge David Melville QC also rejected calls for Gordon not to be sent to jail with the judge deciding to impose a 51 week term.

He said: ‘Your partner was saying “help me, help me” which led to the man approaching to help. You then tried to punch him in the head which led to him ducking out the way before you punched him in the jaw. When he was on the ground you then stamped on him and kicked him in the face.’

He added: ‘You attacked an innocent member of the public and left him in a lot of pain and suffering with concussion and having to go to hospital. It was disgraceful.

‘Probation describes you as a significant risk to the public which is shown by the attack you carried out.’