Horse owners ordered to remove animal from park

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THE owners of a horse have been told to remove it from a park.

The owners have been issued a collection notice after the animal was discovered by walkers at Alver Valley Country Park yesterday morning.

Mary Whetton was taking her dog for a walk when she was approached by other park visitors about the horse.

She said: ‘I was walking my dog through the park when I saw a couple of people by the horse.

‘They told me that they thought that the horse had been abandoned and were calling the RSPCA.’

Mary added that she noticed that the horse did have water but the bucket had been kicked over.

‘If someone hadn’t had found the horse then it could have been in a worse situation.’

Alan Browning from the charity inspected the horse after they were notified.

He said: ‘The horse appears to be physically in reasonable condition and in good health.’

Gosport Borough Council does not permit horse owners to keep their animal on the field.

Mr Browning added: ‘As there is nothing wrong with it, it will be down to the local authority to post a notice advising the owner to remove the horse from the land.’

The RSPCA inspector left a note to make the owner aware that he has visited the location, if the owner returns.