How do I find time to run two firms and raise cash? I just do

FUNDRAISER Andrew Pearce, AKA the  fabulous Miss G
FUNDRAISER Andrew Pearce, AKA the fabulous Miss G
MP for Havant, Alan Mak

MP Alan Mak named a senior parliamentary aide in government reshuffle

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The inconvenient truth is people tend to moan about our community and how different aspects within it may need simple alterations or just awareness brought to them.

It is rare to see someone actively doing something about it.

Around 15 years ago a close friend of mine tested positive for HIV and Portsmouth city was unable to provide any funding for his treatment.

It was then I made the decision to preform in drag in order to fulfil the objective of raising money for him.

The amount raised was impressive and 15 years later, I am still preforming for local charities in Portsmouth.

My Miss G drag act is entertaining but more importantly it gives me the ability to raise money due to the strong following we have.

The hard work we put in pays off, as it becomes a mix of spectacle entertainment.

Primarily, I would describe my act as fabulous, sensational and glamorous.

There are various benefits to raising money for local people and local charities.

This is because the money collected will go back into Portsmouth, making a difference to our community.

The popularity of the shows means a phenomenal amount is raised, our recent raffle tickets raised a considerable amount and local companies donated prizes.

Everything we raise goes back into Portsmouth.

The majority of people get on with their mundane lives and wonder how I find time to run my two businesses and have time to organise my drag shows. However, I make time.

There is a great deal of importance in having time to do something for your local charity, whatever it is, and more people should get involved and get inspired.