Huge hole opens up in ground at village

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A LARGE hole has appeared in the ground in Titchfield, prompting emergency work.

The hole appeared above a sewage pipe near woodland to the south of the housing estate at Oxleys Coppice on Rowan Way.

Southern Water has secured the area and is working to rectify the problem, which is thought to be caused by a broken sewer pipe.

A Southern Water spokesman said: ‘A large hole, which is approximately 10 metres deep, has appeared above one of our 2.5-metre diameter sewers leading to the Peel Common Wastewater Treatment Works.

‘We believe it may have been caused by a break in the sewer pipe which, over time, has pulled the soil into the pipe, undermining the ground.’

He added: ‘We have a team on site who have fenced off the area to make it safe and who remained there overnight to stop anyone trying to get close.

‘The sewer is continuing to carry wastewater flows as normal.

‘We are investigating the cause further and looking at the options for repair and reinstatement but given the size of the hole, this may take some time.’

Customers services are not affected.