Huge pile of rubbish finally cleared up

MESS The rubbish
MESS The rubbish
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THE News has been thanked for stepping in over a load of old rubbish.

Firefighters moved a huge pile of broken wood and rubbish from a garage which was set on fire in Berrydown Road, Warren Park at the end of February.

The rubbish was moved to the nearby green and then left – attracting yobs who scattered it across the road and tried to set light to it.

Peter Bailey, who lives close by, said he had been contacting Havant Borough Council and Portsmouth City Council for more than a month and both denied it was their responsibility.

After The News stepped in, Havant Borough Council wrote to the owner of the garage who cleared the mess, putting it back in the garage.

Mr Bailey, 61, said: ‘I can’t thank The News enough for this.

‘I can guarantee nothing would have been done about it unless you guys got involved.

‘The mess was so bad I had to take a broom down to sweep the nails out of the road from the broken units if I wanted to drive my car through.

‘We pay our council tax so why should we have to put up with mess like that?

‘It looked awful and it was a fire hazard.’

In a statement Havant Borough Council confirmed the land was owned by Portsmouth, but it had written to the owner explaining unless the mess was cleared a charge would be made to remove it.