Huge tide leads to flooding on the Hampshire and West Sussex border

Flooding in Bosham.  PICTURE: David Brackpool
Flooding in Bosham. PICTURE: David Brackpool
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COASTAL flooding has affected parts of Emsworth and Bosham after a huge spring tide.

A high tide of 5.5m overtopped sea defences and has left coastal roads and car parks under several inches of water.

Water started to pour into the Anchor Bleu, in High Street, Bosham, shortly before 1pm and rose up to six inches in some parts of the pub.

Alice Ladbrooke, bar manager, said: ‘I am just wading round in my wellies.

‘It’s coming up through the floors and it’s coming in from both doors into the pub.

‘The beer garden is about four inches deep.

‘We are pretty prepared for it.’

High tide was at 1.07pm and is now starting to go down.

The car park of Bosham Sailing Club was under two feet of water, but the water is now going back out.

The Quay in Emsworth has been flooded with some cars parked in several inches of water.

Giles Babb, landlord of The Bluebell Inn in South Street, said: ‘The whole of the Quay is flooded.

‘It’s just coming up the bottom of South Street.

‘They drained the Mill Pond this morning and it’s a good job they did. It’s like a waterfall pouring over the top into the Mill Pond.’

The Environment Agency has warned people in coastal areas to be vigilant and to expect higher tides than normal.

James Humphrys, area manager, said: ‘With the high spring tides, and anticipated wind surges, our teams are working hard to ensure we are prepared and are working with our professional partners to make sure the public are aware of the risk.

‘We are receiving regular weather updates from the Met Office, continuously monitoring both tidal conditions and river levels and have had officers out overnight checking flood defences and closing flood gates.

‘People should be aware that there could be a lot of water in coastal areas, so avoid trying to drive or walk through any flood water and be sensible when out and about, particularly around the coast. Now is a good time for anyone who lives in an area vulnerable to flooding to think about the precautions they can take to protect their properties.’