Hymns, songs, activities, hot drinks and lots of cake!

If you happen to be passing St Peter's Church in Curdridge on the fourth Sunday of the month at around 4pm you may be surprised to hear some modern band-led worship coming from this beautiful old building.

Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 12:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 1:32 pm
Rev Amy Webb and Rev Gregg Mensingh welcome you

And if you were to pop in you’d probably see people of all ages engaged in activities, craft, discussion and eating cake. This is [email protected]!

During my first year as Curate here in Botley, Curdridge and Durley I began to wonder if there was a way we could make church more accessible to those who find Sunday mornings difficult.

Many sports events take place on a Sunday morning making church inaccessible for families with children involved in sport.

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I also wanted to explore ways that people of all ages could come together to worship, build friendships and learn together.

I had been thinking about how at the best family parties all the generations are together, perhaps with the younger ones playing under the table listening to the adults chatting, but nobody is separated out.

I began to feel that we needed more opportunities to be together as a family of God. So, with the support and encouragement of my vicar – Rev Gregg Mensingh – we began [email protected] in January this year.

So what usually happens at [email protected]? Well, there’s some simple, relaxed worship with a mix of modern songs and the occasional hymn and there’s our ‘Faith in Five’ slot which is where someone has a strict five minutes to share how they think God has been working in their life.

And there’s a range of activities to choose from based on a theme which usually includes some craft, perhaps a game, a quiet space and a discussion group, and we finish our time together with tea, coffee and a lot of cake!

We’re developing this time of worship and learning, as we go, as it’s a safe place where we can try new things.

The next [email protected] is on Sunday 26 June, so why not come along and join us and see what it’s all about?

n St Peter’s Church, Curdridge SO32 2DR. Contact the parish office on 01489 782445 or find us on Facebook: search Botley, Curdridge and Durley.