‘I am extremely proud to put my town on the map’

WRITER Tina Helme with one of her books about George the purple dragon
WRITER Tina Helme with one of her books about George the purple dragon
Police car. Pitcure: Jon Rigby

Police catch 10 people texting and driving on Hampshire motorways in just one day

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TO WAKE up living the dream of writing children’s books everyday is awe inspiring.

To educate children across the globe is precious.

My mission is to spread my magical purple dragon’s quest for world peace.

It is my mission for the future of all mankind, for this and all future generations.

As an author from Gosport, I feel extremely proud to put Gosport on the map internationally.

I am told I am the girl next door-type, intelligent, patient and full of imagination.

Being blessed with three grown-up children of my own and working many years as an outstanding registered child minder to numerous children, I have acquired realms of priceless imaginative moments.

I recently married my dear school friend last Easter.

He is now the editor of my George’s Quest for World Peace, George’s first and second adventures.

My first book was published in February and my second book on my birthday in June this year.

Both books are available from all top online book suppliers as soft bound paperbacks and as e-books.

They see my purple dragon teleport to each country of the world in his quest for world peace.

There are many humorous incidents and unexpected twists to the story lines.

At Christmas I will publish my third book, George’s Quest for World Peace, his third adventure.

Join my quest for world peace today.

Why not take a look at my books today and help make world peace happen?

Further details are available on my Tina Helme Facebook page, facebook.com/pages/Tina-Helme